People today suffer diseases that are uncommon in our forefathers’ time such as neurotransmitter imbalance, chronic fatigue, stress, depression, hormonal imbalance, cardiovascular diseases, respiratory problems and many types of cancers.

Studies have shown that these modern-day diseases are directly linked to the decline in intake of minerals.

Why Do We Need Minerals?

Every day, our activities use up and deplete our body’s store of minerals. Unfortunately, our body cannot produce minerals and we need to obtain them from our diet. However, modern farming techniques rely heavily on fertilisers for quick harvests. Over time, this depletes the mineral content in the soil, thus producing food that lacks adequate or balanced minerals. A study has shown that mineral content in our food has dropped over the years. As a result, we are not getting enough minerals from our diet and this ultimately affects our body’s performance and gives rise to many modern-day diseases.

Choosing An Effective Mineral Supplement

Recognizing this problem, many mineral supplements have filled the shelves. But how many of them contain a highly bio available and balanced composition of minerals as well as trace minerals? And why is it important to choose a highly concentrated and balanced mineral supplement?

In normal conditions, healthy cells selectively choose minerals that they need. However when the cells are not healthy, they may not be able to choose the proper minerals. A high concentration of minerals creates an active transport system whereby minerals that are lacking are spontaneously transported into cells. This way, cells absorb whatever minerals that are lacking without any active selection on their part.

This high concentration of minerals enables all the essential minerals to be delivered to cells that need them.

Remineralising your body helps to:

  1. Improve central nervous system and brain functions by restoring communication functions among cells; and
  2. Improve and prolong peak performance by replenishing the minerals that are lost during active sports and other physical activities.