Your Tetracycline Acne Review

What Is Tetracycline acne?

Tetracycline acne is an antibiotic approach that is used to suppress the symptoms of acne, with general success.

It does not cure acne, but can be effective at high doses for very severe acne, or low doses for less severe acne, in reducing the symptoms. The tetracyclines and their derivatives, doxycycline and minocycline, are used.

Because tetracycline acne treatment is only able to supress symptoms, treatment is often long term – months or years. In this case, doses are generally low.

Women who are pregnant or breast feeding should not take tetracyclines as they can stain teeth permanently and inhibit bone growth, leading to skeletal defects in a fetus. They are also contraindicated for children under twelve, for the same reasons. Oral erythromycin is an alternative for pregnant women and young children.

Potential side effects in tetracycline acne treatments are:

  • skin rash or liver disease due to an allergy (although this is rare)
  • headaches
  • serious gastric intestinal problems
  • enterocolitis
  • hemolytic anemia
  • renal toxicity

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Some supplements, like a heavy duty acidophilus treatment, can counteract this effect. Many women I’ve known on antibiotics find they need to take more acidophilus than they normally would.

Tetracycline acne treatments also make your skin more sensitive to sunlight, so either take it in the evening, or wear sunscreen.

Why Use Tetracycline?

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