The most Effective Hair Vitamin Combination for your Hair

Hair Vitamin Supplements

There are plenty of hair vitamin supplements out there trying to solve your problem – whether you’re trying to grow your hair, improve its condition, or stop it from falling out.

So how does your hair vitamin stack up? What should you look for in your hair growth products? What should you avoid?

Hair is made up mostly of protein. If you’re lacking in protein your hair can appear dull, lifeless and thin. Protein is very easily provided for in food, although there are a range of amino acid supplements you can take if you prefer. Amino acids are the building blocks of protein.

The danger of Vitamin A

Too much or too little can cause problems with your hair. When you see that some hair vitamins designed specifically for hair health actually have the maximum amount considered safe in adults (10,000 IU), it is of some concern.


Because the recommended daily amount is only 2500 IU for women, or 3000 IU for men. And too much vitamin A taken during pregnancy is known to cause birth defects. (The MAX suggested for pregnant women in supplemental form is 2600 IU daily).

And there is no evidence excessive amounts of vitamin A do anything for your hair growth anyway!

You’re better off providing all round nourishment.

If you find your hair is growing too slowly, it could be because you’re deficient in manganese. But if you’re taking a multi vitamin with 100% of the RDA for manganese you should be fine. For men, that’s 2.3 mg/day, and 1.8 mg/day for women.


Manganese is one of those minerals that can be toxic when taken in high doses (above 11mg/day), so just stick to the RDA!

MSM is sometimes added to hair vitamins because it is a natural form of sulfur. Natural sulfur is the building blocks of protein, collagen and deratin, so it is often added to hair vitamin, skin and nail products.

B vitamins are also very important for hair growth, and you will often see these in hair vitamins.

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