SUCCESS Isn’t About How Much You Sow, But How Much You REAP


For over 16 years, Meor worked as a senior engineer at one of the biggest telecommunication service providers. His life revolved completely around work – he was on standby duty 24/7 to fix any system operations failure nationwide, even during festive celebrations. Nevertheless, he continued this stifling lifestyle as he had very limited choices.

However, he continued to look out for opportunities to improve his as well as his family’s life. Believing that network marketing was a way to earn more money, he had joined over 15 MLM companies. He had also worked as an insurance agent and tried the internet business. None of these attempts yielded his desired results. Then in 2008, he discovered Elken.

His wife, a former remisier of over 16 years at a local broker firm, had always disliked the MLM business as she thought they were a scam. However, her anti-MLM perception changed entirely as she fell in love with the Elken business after understanding the science behind Elken’s beauty products, especially Eternal Beauty and DX, as well as Elken’s unique heart-to-heart culture.


“I got to know Elken after I purchased Bio Pure and was amazed by Elken’s MRT health concept. As a survivor of colon cancer, I had undergone surgery and chemotherapy for 6 consecutive months. During the recovery period, taking MRT products helped a lot, especially Elken Spirulina,” Meor enthused. “That was how I started to diligently share Elken’s quality products with our family and friends. As a result, we became Manager within 4 days, ESM by the 3rd month, DCM within 10 months and qualified for our car fund.”

With absolute confidence in the Elken opportunity, he committed to purchasing a brand new Honda Accord worth RM150K after pursuing the Elken business for 3 months. By the 2nd year, he had achieved the rank of CCM and qualified for the 20-year house fund. By passionately and sincerely sharing Elken’s health and beauty products and business opportunity, the couple derived so much joy that they decided to make Elken their fulltime career.


Like everybody else, this couple faced challenges and disappointments. “First it was from our friends, then our own families whose sarcastic remarks really hurt and discouraged us. Our children became our main dream stealers as they couldn’t understand and didn’t support our involvement in Elken.” Meor recalled.

“We’re very grateful for the support and guidance of our uplines, MCCM Hadi and Josi. They constantly pushed us to unleash our hidden potential. By overcoming every challenge, we were one step closer to our goal. Of course, the tireless motivation and support of our senior uplines also helped us to become who we are today.”

Now that their business has stabilized, Meor is grateful to have more quality time for the 4 children – Meor Muhammad Syafiq (17), Siti Maisarah (15), Meor Harith Daniel (12) and Meor Iskandar Fahmi (9) – and giving them the quality education they couldn’t afford before. “They were our dream stealers, but in fact, they always been our dream catalyst,” Meor stressed.

He praised Elken’s exceptionally effective System Education, positive culture, a fair and lucrative marketing plan, and the company’s support as the factors for their success. “This combination is a strong magnetic force for us to continue striving with the network to achieve bigger dreams in Elken,” he shared.

Breaking their own monthly record from month to month has always been their main objective. Finally, the dream to own a luxury BMW 5 Series (F10) and enjoy financial freedom has materialized. In addition, they have never missed any opportunity to travel for free with Elken.

How have they managed to continuously realised their dreams? “We’re always lived by Elken’s vision of ‘Builds you to build others’. We must have the right attitude and thinking. Always think and stay positive. Believe it to own it,” Meor said.

“As long as we do our best, Allah will give us the best in return,” the newly-crowned and charismatic 91st MCCM concluded.

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