Stress May Blow Your Brains Away!

Protect Your Brain From The Harmful Stress

Stress is so common these days that even children are experiencing it. But stress isn’t always bad. In small amounts, it can help you perform well under pressure and even save your life. However, long-term stress is likely to damage your health and impair your performance as a result of our body losing minerals and nutrients. That’s why people under stress suffer from poor appetite, chronic fatigue and lack of sleep, which in turn lead to further and inadequate intake of nutrients and minerals. If this cycle is not stopped, it will repeat itself until the body breaks down.

One of the major organs affected during stress is the brain, which controls all your bodily functions. Under stress, we experience cognitive problems such as memory lapses, inability to concentrate, focus and absorb information, depression, and poor judgment.

The human brain is a highly protected organ due to its critical function in determining life and death. As such, only selective nutrients and minerals can pass into the brain. Long-term stress will cause the brain to lose essential nutrients and minerals. Under stress, the damaged cells would not know which minerals they are lacking and slowly die due to inadequate nutrients. Unfortunately, brain cells can only regenerate in very limited and special circumstance, hence we should keep our brain cells healthy at all times.

Consequences of Inadequate Minerals on Brain Functions

IRON – Decreases flow of oxygen to the brain, resulting in lethargy, irritability and inability to concentrate.

MAGNESIUM – Remain tense when under pressure, more likely to be irritable, anxious, depressed and suffer insomnia.

POTASSIUM – An important nutrient against chronic stress, it helps our nervous system, muscles and heart function properly. Inadequate potassium may cause insomnia, nervousness and depression.

ZINC – When you are stressed out, your brain uses more zinc and quickly run out of this mineral. Inadequacy can cause irritability, depression and an depressed immune system.

LITHIUM – Serotonin is a hormone and a neurotransmitter that acts as a chemical messenger which is usually related to a positive mood. A lack of lithium will decrease the serotonin level in the brain, thus depressing our mood.

Brain Protection

Kington is a highly-prized solution harvested from the ocean vortex and proven to contain up to 83 kinds of bioavailable trace elements that are easily absorbed in the body.

We cannot avoid stress, but the brain mineral restorative properties of Kington Minerale offer the best protection against stress-related ailments.

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