NO2 Supplements Increase Muscle Mass and Libido

What Are NO2 Supplements?

NO2 supplements are an excellent part of a bodybuilder’s toolkit. If your goal is to gain lean muscle mass, and are able to tolerate the amino acid arginine which is the basis for Nitric Oxide supplements, then this muscle enhancer is worth trying.

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What can you expect from NO2?

  • increase in lean muscle mass
  • faster recovery time
  • increased libido

The jury is out on whether you will feel an increase in strength or stamina. But if looking ripped and building lean muscle mass is important to you, NO2 supplements are worth a try.

How Does NO2 Help Build Lean Muscle Mass?

NO2 supplements cause the blood vessels to widen, which increases the flow of oxygen and muscle building nutrients to the muscles. This is called the ‘pump’ effect. Nitric oxide supplements sustain this vasodilation, and so your muscles have the ‘keys to the vault’ for a much longer period of time than they would normally. They all contain the amino acid arginine in compound form. Some have other synergistic elements as well.

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What are the Side Effects of NO2?

Side effects reported by some users of NO2 supplements include hot flushes (yes, these were men reporting them!), diarrhea, fatigue and an increase in blood pressure. This is obviously something to look out for if you are taking this supplement. The extent to which this is felt is very individual.

People who should not use arginine supplements:

  • those with herpes or other viral illnesses (arginine can increase viral replication)
  • those on cyclosporine
  • asthmatics should be aware that arginine could aggravate the inflammatory response in their airways
  • pregnant or lactating women should not use it
  • those who do not tolerate l-arginine in significant doses

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What Else Have People Reported with NO2

One of the suprising ‘side effects’ of NO2 supplements is an increase in libido. Men who took it reported that they felt a powerful increase in both erectile and ejaculatory strength. Some also told of a rise in the volume of semen ejaculated. Its almost two supplements in one 🙂

Whilst there is not a lot of scientific evidence or studies to back up the claims, anecdotely, there have been more positive benefits reported than otherwise. I think its important to note that with all supplements, they won’t do the work for you. So as part of a good training regimen, NO2 would be a great synergistic element, and anything that gives you an extra edge, is I think, worth it. But you have to be realistic with your expectations – and take into account all the other elements of a successful training program.

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