MSM Explained

What is MSM Supplement?

MSM is an extremely safe and non toxic naturally occuring supplement that is used to help a variety of ailments.To go shopping for M S M – the natural sulfur.

MSM Natural Sulfur

M S M is a form of natural sulfur. It is different to sulfur based drugs (like erythromycin), and it is also quite distinct from the sulfites they use in browning agents and preservatives. It is also different to sulfates like sulfuric acid salts. M S M doesn’t have the side effects of these.

MSM occurs naturally in all cells. Because of its widespread presence, it has a normalising effect on the functions of the body. This is one explanation of why it can benefit so many different ailments.

Low levels of M S M in the body are associated with problems with tissues and organs, as well as greater susceptibility to disease, and psychological and physical stress. Excess MSM is passed out of the body in the urine. We don’t usually have a problem with excess MSM anyway, as its a very fragile part of the food chain – its easily destroyed by heat and processing. But its nice to know we’re safe when we take MSM supplements.

MSM naturally occurs in fresh vegetables, fresh fruits, meat and seafood. Modern day farming methods, and depleted soils, also have a less than desirable effect on the bioavailability of MSM in our diet. We need to really eat all of our foods, including our meat and seafood, raw, to get adequate levels naturally.

To make things worse, the MSM levels in our bodies decline with age. For these reasons its a very valuable supplement, to help prevent the problems that come with aging. Go shopping for MSM now and keep your cells young!

How Does M S M Work in the Body?

Naturally occurring sulfur

forms blood proteins and amino acids. M S M contributes to the chemical bond that holds molecules together.
is involved with the formation of collagen in the body. This is why M S M supplements are so good for hair, nails and skin it helps synthesize and activate thiamin, vitamin c, biotin, and pantothenic acid, all of which have widespread effects in the body its used by the liver to manufacture bile – very important for digestion sulfur helps maintain the acid/alkaline balance in the body. This is important in maintaining overall health, and ensuring your body isn’t a ‘breeding ground’ for bacteria its important for insulin production – hence relates to our blood sugar levels, our energy levels, carbohydrate metabolism, weight loss.


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