Menopause Herbs, Teas and Creams

Top Used Menopause Herbs, Teas and Creams used

Menopause herbs can help your body adjust to the hormonal changes that are taking place.

They can reduce the severity and duration of the hot flushes, as well as providing additional support if feelings of depression and anxiety are experienced.

Menopause can be a great time to reclaim your power and redefine your self – not in terms of others or society, but in terms of your own growth and self expression. The changes that are taking place are not just hormonal. It can be difficult to let go of our previous roles and self definition. Physical symptoms can exacerbate that difficulty.

Traditional Menopause Herbs

Traditional menopause herbs include the following, which can be made into a tea and drunk three times a day:

  • 2 parts chasteberry
  • 2 parts wild yam
  • 1 part black cohosh
  • 1 part golden seal
  • 1 part life root
  • 1 part oats
  • 1 part st johns wort

If heart palpiations, high blood pressure, or tension, are felt, use motherwort instead of st johns wort.

Skullcap or valerian can be added to support depression or anxiety.

For those who prefer the convenience of supplements – This menopause herbs preparation contains black cohosh plus a number of supportive vitamins and minerals.

This is a progesterone formula that is applied directly to the skin and absorbed through the skin. Its the best way to take wild yam, and is very helpful in balancing the hormones. Its a great natural alternative to synthetic hormone treatments.

Soy isoflavones have a mild estrogenic effect as they are able to bind to the receptors that estrogen normally would. If the body is producing less estrogen, this additional mild estrogenic effect can help balance out the experience of our hormones. Soy isoflavones are available here.

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