Water travels several kilometres from the treatment plant before reaching your household taps. Although the treated water starts out clean, it slowly gets contaminated with leaky asbestos-cement pipes through corroded pipes, poorly planned development activities and illegal connections.

Leaking/Burst Pipes
Pipe leaks occur every 6 minutes, enabling mud, sand and sediment to enter our water supply.

Corroded, Ageing Pipes
An estimated 40% or 50,90 km of the pipe networks in Malaysia were laid 40 to 60 years ago and the risk of contamination rust, dirt and disintegrating pipes is very high.

Water Theft
Illegal connections increase the danger of bacteria, viruses and sediment entering water networks.

Sloppy Upgrading Works
During floods, mud, bacteria, viruses and even sanitary waste may wash into treated water.


Although pure water is best for consumption, clean water is also necessary for household use as most of us use tap water to bathe, wash vegetables and brush our teeth. Imagine using water contaminated with mud or traces of sanitary waste! That’s why it is important to have an effective outdoor water filtration system.


is an outstanding water filtration system that offers superior filtration performance that is value for money. Its specially-designed multi-media filter effectively reduces most of the contaminants compared with conventional water treatment systems which use single mediums such as sand or fibre.

Other exceptional features include:

  • Greater turbidity reduction with Ultracite
  • Reduces sediment, odour, ammonia and soluble heavy metals
  • Over 20% faster filtration flow
  • Screening method clears contaminants trapped within the filtration system
  • Inhibits bacterial growth
  • Uses less water during backwashing
  • 10 years’ extensive warranty

Don’t gamble with your health. Bio Pure POE II provides peace of mind.

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