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    The Real Danger of Fake Drugs

    Drug Half-Life Calculator

    Find the known half-life for your medication at


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    The Horrors Of HEAVY METALS

    The Horrors Of HEAVY METALS Water is crucial to our survival; clean water is a matter of life and death. So, when news recently broke out that the Selangor government had been pumping water from disused mining ponds into Sungai Selangor to deal with the…

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    SUCCESS Isn’t About How Much You Sow, But How Much You REAP

    DISCOVERING A NEW WAY OF LIFE For over 16 years, Meor worked as a senior engineer at one of the biggest telecommunication service providers. His life revolved completely around work – he was on standby duty 24/7 to fix any system operations failure nationwide, even…

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    Stress May Blow Your Brains Away!

    Protect Your Brain From The Harmful Stress Stress is so common these days that even children are experiencing it. But stress isn’t always bad. In small amounts, it can help you perform well under pressure and even save your life. However, long-term stress is likely…

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